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I Bought ANOTHER Compressor

As you probably know, my brand new Porter Cable air compressor was stolen out of my garage a week or so ago. It really bummed us out, but we finally started getting over it and went out to get another compressor. Since I get a nice little discount at Ace, I figured I'd just pick up one there. There was a Craftsman Evolv 3 gallon compressor for $99.00, so I figured that even though it was half the size of the Porter Cable, it probably would do the job for us.

I got it home and unpacked everything. It came with a small brad nail gun (which I already had because one came with the Porter Cable compressor). I read the manual (yes, I read the manuals. It took me a L O N G time to learn that important step), and it said the compressor maximum PSI was 100. Then I read the manual for the brad nailer that came with it, and it said that the nailer operated at 60 PSI. So I turned the compressor on, and an hour later, it had not gotten above 60 PSI in the tank. It wouldn't build to 100 PSI like the manual said. Well that just isn't going to work very well when the nailer needs 60 PSI to operate.

So I took it back to Ace and got my money back. Then I went out to Home depot and bought....

the exact same compressor that was stolen. This time I just bought the compressor, since I didn't need the 3 air nailers that casme with the first compressor.

It really burns my butt that I had to buy the compressor twice!

Oh yeah, one other thing. I've spent all morning today photographing all of my power tools and equipment and recording their serial numbers. I've even printed out hard copies to keep in my files in case the computer crashes.........or gets stolen. Lesson learned.


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Sep. 4th, 2012 12:31 pm (UTC)
Very annoying.
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