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Make Some sewing Tables

One of the projects that we've been wanting to get finished was the building of the sewing tables for Jenny's sewing room. Well, we finally finished them.

It was a fairly easy project. We had a couple of closet doors that we had taken off our master bedroom closet, so the plan was to attach a couple of frames with legs, add some casters, and have a way to hook the 2 tables together for one large table. The pictures in the cut will show you some of the steps.

Because there would not be a great deal of weight on the tables, we used 2 X 3's instead of 2 X 4's. They were a bit less expensive and certainly strong enough to support the hollow doors. Plus, they would be easier for Jenny to move around. The frames were built to be approximately 6 inches narrower on all 4 sides of the door so that there would be room to sit or stand right at the edge of the table top. The legs plus the height of the casters plus the thickness of the door totaled 35 inches, which is a good height for either standing or sitting. We glued the under door frame to the bottom of the door using an adhesive called Locktite Super Grab. This is a terrific adhesive that really does Super Grab. We put no mechanical fasteners in the frame to the door because the doors are hollow and wouldn't hold any kind of screw securely. We used 2 1/2", #9 star screws to build the frames and attach the legs to the frames. All of the casters have the ability to be locked to prevent the tables from rolling around when someone may lean against them. We attached a 1/2" MDF shelf (not shown in pics) to the bottom frame of each table to provide some storage space under the tables.

These tables were Jenny's idea, and they turned out great. She'll make great use of them in her new sewing room, once she gets her sewing machine back from being repaire. Yes, she was sewing away the other day when the needle just quit going up and down. We're pretty sure a part broke inside the machine, so we had to take it to the sewing machine doctor. It's going to be at least 3 weeks before she gets it back.