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A Labor Day Tradition

Today we decided to run out to the Rock River Thresheree http://www.thresheree.org/. This is an annual event held every Labor Day weekend just outside of Janesville. And before anyone asks, no, Paul Ryan was not there.

The Thresheree is a celebration of by-gone years and how much of the work was accomplished through steam power. There are many wonderful exhibits of steam powered engines performing all types of jobs, such as pile driving, running a saw mill, operating thrashing machines, and many, many more. Every day at 2:00p.m., there's a HUGE parade of power where all of the machinery, old and newer, parade through a valley so that everyone can see them being operated. Of course, there's also many, many food tents and a huge flea market.

We really went out for the flea market, but did a little touring also. We went early because it was so hot today, but that didn't help. After about an hour, we both felt cooked, so we decided to head out.

There was an interesting occurrence I should mention. Just after we got there and had started walking around, we heard a steam powered caliope being played in a building we were walking by. We stopped to listen for a moment, and this fellow that we didn't know mentioned to us as he walked by that we should go in and watch the lady playing the caliope. We thought that might be interesting, so we went in. We stood for a moment watching her play, when suddenly Jenny called out "It's Joan!" It turned out to be my high school best friends wife, whom we hadn't seen in years. We all hugged and started chatting. It turns out that she has been playing the caliope for the event for 12 years or so. She said that Doug (my friend) was roaming around the grounds somewhere, but that he would be back around noon. I said that we would be back then too. Sure enough, we met up at that time and had nice, albeit short because of the heat, chat. We agreed that we would contact each other to get together and reminisce. It was a wonderful surprise.

Here are just a few pictures from our time there. If it hadn't been so hot, I would've taken a lot more.