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I Went To A Rally

My brother-in-law used to work for the Capital Police in Madison, and through them he was able to get tickets to the rally in Racine for Michele Obama. My sister, Dewey and I went over today. Jenny was a little under the weather so she took a pass.

We got over to Racine about 1 hour before the doors to the Civic Center opened, so in total, we ended up standing on our feet for about 4 1/2 hours. But it was certainly worth it. Mrs. Obama is a wonderful speaker, and she really zeroed in on the importance of the young people voting and getting involved. She was exciting, enthusiastic, informative, and inspiring. She spoke for about a 1/2 hour, as she was headed for another rally in another part of the state. It was really exciting to be near this individual that has been all over the world representing our country. And she is a wonderful and classy 1st Lady that everyone in the country should be proud of.

We had a good time even while we waited in line. We chatted with many other people, and even though it was overcast and chilly (but no rain - knock on wood), everyone was in fine spirits and into the event.
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Busy Week

It's really been a kind of strange week. We had a great day last Saturday at the Badger game. I worked on Sunday, so Jenny did a bunch of stuff around the house. I worked Monday and Wednesday, and on Tuesday we both worked on the garage. We're getting there, but it almost seems like once we finish one thing, there's 3 more to do. Oh well, we're getting there slow but sure.

Worked again in the garage today. We now have all 3 work benches built, the peg board on the wall, and a new 2 level table by the back door ghat replaced the old, rickety cabinet. It'll be great for setting bags of groceries on or storing cartons of pop or paper towels.

Tomorrow Jenny's going off with some girl friends to the Cranberry festival in Warren, WI. I'll do all the yard work and try to get some more done on the garage. BUT, the Ryder Cup starts tomorrow, so that'll be tugging on me too. Will also go out for fish with a good friend. I will NEVER get tired of Wisconsin fish frys! :-)

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Bucky Badger

Big Ten Football

We went to the Wisconsin Badger football game today with our friends across the street. They had extra tickets, and they invited us. I think it's been at least 30 years since we were at our last game.

The weather wasn't cooperating very well. It was kind of rainy early, and windy and cold. The temperature barely got into the 50's. Fortunately, the rain did let up, so we were able to handle the chilly conditions pretty well.

Game time was 11:00 a.m., so we left at 8:00. Our friends have parking places literally across the street from the stadium, so once we got there, it would only be a short walk to the game. But first we had to tailgate! We planned on having eggs, bacon, hash browns, English muffins (to make our version of an Egg McMuffin), lots of munchies, and of course som adult beverages. Some of the folks were having beer, but I just can't handle that with breakfast, s0 I had a bloody mary. But shortly after we got set up, we realized that someone forgot to bring the bacon. So a couple of volunteers hot footed it down the block and bought out all of the sausages a Seven-Eleven store had left. Jenny had made 2 big pans of her world famous cinnamon rolls, which were really the hit of the party. I worked the grill with the hash browns, which turned out very well if I do say so myself. all in all, everything was great and we had a good meal.

Once finished, it was time to head into the game. We got in without too much difficulty and found our seats. Just walking into the stadium and seeing the huge crowd, all of the red (Wisconsin colors are red and white), and all of the young college students brought on a huge wave of nolstagia. We had a great time watching the game, but it was just as much fun watching all of the activities going on in the stadium. The marching band is a huge contributor to the festive atmosphere. Of course they put on a great half time show. But all during the second half, there were teams of marching band members with their trumpets and trombones roaming through the crowd and stopping to play some the school fight songs. after they played, they'd move on to another section and play some more. Then there was the pom-pom squad that, along with drummers from the band, walked around the stadium stopping at various sections to enthusiastically lead the fans in cheers. The cheerleaders were doing the same thing, except they went right into the stands. And of course, I can't forget my favorite. All of the tuba players from the band walk around the stadium playing various fight songs in their Ooomp Pah Pah kind of way. I love that!

It was a wonderful day that we were able to spend with fantastic friends.

Oh yeah. Wisconsin won 37 - 26. Go Badgers!
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Angry Badger

A Little More Done

Well, I only got one window trimmed out because I ran out of trim. Did get the peg board hung between the 2 windows and under the window/above the work bench. We have some leftover pieces of peg board, so we'll use those in Jenny's sewing room.

We did finally pick up a new mailbox, so I'll have to get that installed in the next few weeks before the ground freezes.

Hey, happy first day of autumn!

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Angry Badger

Making Headway

We're gaining on getting the garage finished. We got the 2 big work benches built, and I got the chop saw table shortened to fit between them so I'll have long outfeed tables on either side for longer pieces of lumber. We have all but one wall painted, which we can't get to until everything is put away on the side with the 2 work benches. Then we'll paint that area and build storage shelves. Also have to build a small table and a couple of shelves against the wall by the back door. Oh, and I have to trim out the 2 windows too. That's the project after lunch today.

We're getting there!

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Angry Ghost Rider

I Bought ANOTHER Compressor

As you probably know, my brand new Porter Cable air compressor was stolen out of my garage a week or so ago. It really bummed us out, but we finally started getting over it and went out to get another compressor. Since I get a nice little discount at Ace, I figured I'd just pick up one there. There was a Craftsman Evolv 3 gallon compressor for $99.00, so I figured that even though it was half the size of the Porter Cable, it probably would do the job for us.

I got it home and unpacked everything. It came with a small brad nail gun (which I already had because one came with the Porter Cable compressor). I read the manual (yes, I read the manuals. It took me a L O N G time to learn that important step), and it said the compressor maximum PSI was 100. Then I read the manual for the brad nailer that came with it, and it said that the nailer operated at 60 PSI. So I turned the compressor on, and an hour later, it had not gotten above 60 PSI in the tank. It wouldn't build to 100 PSI like the manual said. Well that just isn't going to work very well when the nailer needs 60 PSI to operate.

So I took it back to Ace and got my money back. Then I went out to Home depot and bought....

the exact same compressor that was stolen. This time I just bought the compressor, since I didn't need the 3 air nailers that casme with the first compressor.

It really burns my butt that I had to buy the compressor twice!

Oh yeah, one other thing. I've spent all morning today photographing all of my power tools and equipment and recording their serial numbers. I've even printed out hard copies to keep in my files in case the computer crashes.........or gets stolen. Lesson learned.
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Make Some sewing Tables

One of the projects that we've been wanting to get finished was the building of the sewing tables for Jenny's sewing room. Well, we finally finished them.

It was a fairly easy project. We had a couple of closet doors that we had taken off our master bedroom closet, so the plan was to attach a couple of frames with legs, add some casters, and have a way to hook the 2 tables together for one large table. The pictures in the cut will show you some of the steps.

Because there would not be a great deal of weight on the tables, we used 2 X 3's instead of 2 X 4's. They were a bit less expensive and certainly strong enough to support the hollow doors. Plus, they would be easier for Jenny to move around. The frames were built to be approximately 6 inches narrower on all 4 sides of the door so that there would be room to sit or stand right at the edge of the table top. The legs plus the height of the casters plus the thickness of the door totaled 35 inches, which is a good height for either standing or sitting. We glued the under door frame to the bottom of the door using an adhesive called Locktite Super Grab. This is a terrific adhesive that really does Super Grab. We put no mechanical fasteners in the frame to the door because the doors are hollow and wouldn't hold any kind of screw securely. We used 2 1/2", #9 star screws to build the frames and attach the legs to the frames. All of the casters have the ability to be locked to prevent the tables from rolling around when someone may lean against them. We attached a 1/2" MDF shelf (not shown in pics) to the bottom frame of each table to provide some storage space under the tables.

These tables were Jenny's idea, and they turned out great. She'll make great use of them in her new sewing room, once she gets her sewing machine back from being repaire. Yes, she was sewing away the other day when the needle just quit going up and down. We're pretty sure a part broke inside the machine, so we had to take it to the sewing machine doctor. It's going to be at least 3 weeks before she gets it back.
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A Labor Day Tradition

Today we decided to run out to the Rock River Thresheree http://www.thresheree.org/. This is an annual event held every Labor Day weekend just outside of Janesville. And before anyone asks, no, Paul Ryan was not there.

The Thresheree is a celebration of by-gone years and how much of the work was accomplished through steam power. There are many wonderful exhibits of steam powered engines performing all types of jobs, such as pile driving, running a saw mill, operating thrashing machines, and many, many more. Every day at 2:00p.m., there's a HUGE parade of power where all of the machinery, old and newer, parade through a valley so that everyone can see them being operated. Of course, there's also many, many food tents and a huge flea market.

We really went out for the flea market, but did a little touring also. We went early because it was so hot today, but that didn't help. After about an hour, we both felt cooked, so we decided to head out.

There was an interesting occurrence I should mention. Just after we got there and had started walking around, we heard a steam powered caliope being played in a building we were walking by. We stopped to listen for a moment, and this fellow that we didn't know mentioned to us as he walked by that we should go in and watch the lady playing the caliope. We thought that might be interesting, so we went in. We stood for a moment watching her play, when suddenly Jenny called out "It's Joan!" It turned out to be my high school best friends wife, whom we hadn't seen in years. We all hugged and started chatting. It turns out that she has been playing the caliope for the event for 12 years or so. She said that Doug (my friend) was roaming around the grounds somewhere, but that he would be back around noon. I said that we would be back then too. Sure enough, we met up at that time and had nice, albeit short because of the heat, chat. We agreed that we would contact each other to get together and reminisce. It was a wonderful surprise.

Here are just a few pictures from our time there. If it hadn't been so hot, I would've taken a lot more.
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Angry Badger

I'm REALLY Pissed!

I finished mowing the yard today, and as I was putting the mower away, I glanced over to where I had a bunch of my tools stored that I was using in our projects. Something didn't look just right. I kept looking, and it finally hit me that my air compressor was not where it usually is. ?????

I went inside and asked (hoping) Jenny if she had moved it somewhere. She said no. I went through the house thinking that maybe I had forgotten that I had moved it in preparation for our next project. No luck. I called my father-in-law to see if maybe he had borrowed it, which I really didn't believe since he wouldn't know how to use it. "No", he said. "But you know, I've noticed cars full of young guys driving really slowly through the neighborhoods just looking at houses. I bet it was one of them." :-/

So, it looks like someone stole my brand new air compressor. What is really a mystery though, is that they didn't touch any of the other tools laying right alongside the compressor. These included my circular saw, a Craftsman router, my Craftsman chop saw, and even one of my air nailers. All they took was the compressor and hose.

We're very careful about having the garage door closed at night, so I imagine it happened during the day when the garage door would have been open. Obviously you can't have the door closed all day long. I'm going in and out when I'm doing yard work, Jenny might be going in and out when she's hanging out laundry or watering the flowers. We're not going to close it every time we won't be in the garage, nobody does that. These thieves have the audacity to come right in during broad daylight even when people are home.

The compressor is valued at $160.00, so insurance won't cover it. I did call the police department to report it just so there'd be a record of it, but they can't be expected to do a whole lot about it. It just seems as though you try to take a couple steps forward and get slapped back a few more steps than you had gained.

So yes, I'm an angry Badger today.


After we got home from running a few errands, I glanced out the kitchen window and saw this:
Bird Watching

That made me feel a little better.
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A Very Pleasant Afternoon

Yesterday we went over to Lake Geneva to have lunch with a friend of ours that we haven't seen in about 30 years. My sister and her husband also came along, and another couple that we had known back in the day. We met at the Red Geranium, which was a very nice restaurant with very good food. We all enjoyed a nice meal and wonderful conversation. After lunch, we were invited to do a little boating on Lake Geneva on the other couples pontoon boat. We were so fortunate to have one of the nicest days this area has seen in quite awhile. It was about 85 degrees, but with a 10 - 15mph breeze, it was just beautiful out on the water. We just "motored" around gawking at all of the beautiful homes along the lake. WOW! Are there some homes out there. Most of the pictures I'm posting are of the homes.

It was a wonderful and fun afternoon. We haven't one like that in quite awhile.

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