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Tomorow we are off to Siox falls South Dakota to get our voter registration and Drivers Licenses. These items and our new address that will forward our mail, will prove our residency in Soth Dakota. That will mean that as residents of South Dakota, we will only pay 3% sale tax on the Motor Home, will not be taxes by the state on Garry's pension earnings, will get the 2nd lowest insurance rates in the united states on our vehicles, and will have a low registation cost for the vehicles.

It pays to do the research on this. Living in an RV full time means that you can technically reside in any state you choose as long as you obey the laws of that state. There are some states that have made themselves havens for full time RVer's. They have state statures and laws that are beneficial to the full time lifestyle. It saves a great deal of money.

We spent today emptying the garage attic and the storage area under the basement stairs. We separated things into, Take to Lori because it is Lori's, mark for rummage sale and pack for storage. There was also some take to the dump items, but not many, we keep our stuff pretty lean. We are very carefull to save family items, emotional items and heirlooms without saving too much. That was a big job completed.

I have all my daily lists made out through the closing on the house. I have a master list with the important finacial or legal items to do on it. I also have several sublists. I..... am the master of the list. yea me.

There is such satisfaction in checking things off of the lists and know that brings you closer to your goal.

won't be posting for a couple of days unless we post on the road with the laptop. Ooooooou that will be fun.


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Aug. 10th, 2007 04:17 pm (UTC)
I and my family are going on a vacation with our RV.We haven't decided where to go yet but more important is that we gonna be together.
Cara Fletcher
Apr. 28th, 2009 06:02 pm (UTC)
Speaking of motorhomes and tents. Make sure you use the first one or watch your tent... otherwise, you may end up like this guy ;) http://www.itssucky.com/camping_dont_use_tents/ (http://www.itssucky.com/camping_dont_use_tents/)
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